Bluebird Cleaners
1341 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

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Business Hours:
Weekdays: 7AM - 6:30PM
Saturday:   7AM - 6PM

Sunday:     Closed

Welcome to Bluebird Cleaners
Located in Richmond District in San Francisco

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Business Hours 
Feb 7th-16th:



Voted Best by     checkbook
We are honored that the San Francisco Chronicle and Consumer's Checkbook, a non-profit consumer organization, selected Bluebird Cleaners along with five other cleaners in San Francisco for "quality work and below average prices" out of 257 cleaners in the Bay Area. You can read the full article here.

Got Cleaners?  
Located on Clement Street in the City, we take a special pride in having been your friendly, dependable, full-service dry cleaning specialists now over 25 years strong. We cherish the special relationship we have built with our customers, who propelled our business from a humble start to a thriving entity that is today.

The Bluebird Know-How - Safe and Non-toxic Cleaning 
Over the years, we have developed and enhanced various cleaning techniques that are safe and environment-friendly. We insist on using only the 100% perc-free and non-toxic solutions. Your dry cleaned items are odor-free, chemical-free and safe.

Expanded Free Parking   parking
There is a convenient storefront street parking reserved for our customers. In addition, we have made a special arrangement with our next door apartment neghbors to use their driveway. Now you can park in their driveway for up to 10 minutes while visiting us. Please look for the sign in the driveway.
By the way, our store front is all-glass-see-through, so you can keep your eyes on your young ones in the car while picking up your order. View phots of store front parking.


Voted Best of the Best Cleaners 3 Times 
Bluebird Clenaers were three times the receipient of Best Of the Best Cleaners award given by Voice Customer Council of Belmont.



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